With not even the faintest idea that Miekeraai - Modemal would turn into a proper online shop on the 1st February 2020, I started selling earrings and all trendy accessories to friends and family in 2019.   The only initial drive was to earn some additional pocket money for me being a full-time student.


Soon I realized that the demand for fashionable and affordable accessories was growing each day, and my stock kept multiplying!  To keep up with the administrative task of fulfilling orders which came with Instagram, Facebook, e-mails, Whatsapps and and... I soon realized that an online shop would be the only way to go.


My earliest memories of me as a little girl are with an overload of all my mom’s jewellery, make-up, and high-heels. Thus, being able to start selling something like accessories which I absolutely loved was a natural choice.  Even finding a name came easily.  Being called Mia led to many nicknames like Mia-muis, Miekie and of course Miekeraai, which just felt so perfectly right for my new business venture. To define Miekeraai further, I decided to add ”Modemal” which refers to being madly in love with fashion… something which I would love to bring to everyone who shares this love with me.



Miekeraai herself x